SELF Platform Beta launched!

The Beta version of the SELF Platform is already available for testers and early adopters. You can check it right now at

Get Involved!

Contribute to the SELF project. See this list of examples of how you can get involved and/or subscribe to one of the mailing lists.


Get involved!

So, you are interested in the SELF project? Perfect! And you would like to contribute in some way to SELF? Even better! Because in order to achieve its goals, it is important that as many organisations, companies and individuals as possible take part in the SELF Platform. We are looking forward to working with people with a whole host of skills such as training, developing, distribution and media. We are also keen to speak to Free Software-loving companies and organisations about sponsoring or partnering with the platform to achieve our wider ambitions.

There is a wide range of activities you could carry out or participate in, from simple to more ambitious ones. If you feel you can and want to help, please join one of the SELF Teams:

  • If you want to receive the SELF News, stay updated on the events organised by SELF and receive announcements directly related to SELF, subscribe here.
  • Subscribe to the general discussion mailing list: here.
  • Help the Material Creation Teams with creation, translation or localisation of Free Educational Materials, follow the steps in our Community section.
  • Become a SELF Tester, share your experiences and test the Platform here.
  • Are you a Python hacker? A Zope/Plone expert? A user interface designer? You just want to learn how Free Software is developed by joining a real project? Visit the project's site at Savannah and join the development mailing list.
  • Do you want to make a donation to SELF? Contact us at self[AT]
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