SELF Platform Beta launched!

The Beta version of the SELF Platform is already available for testers and early adopters. You can check it right now at

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Contribute to the SELF project. See this list of examples of how you can get involved and/or subscribe to one of the mailing lists.



The SELF Platform is a web-based platform where users can go and find information and educational materials on Free Software and Open Standards, while at the same time it is a collaborative production environment for the creation of new materials, as well as and improvement and translation of existing materials.

Currently the Platform is in its developmental phase; the first version has been released in the summer 2007. The usability interface and accessibility are very important in this phase of the project. Naturally, the SELF Platform needs to be used by anyone interested in an easy, user-friendly way. We pay attention to the interface, the use of standards (of course), and possible problems due to personal disabilities, language, and hard- and software problems in general.

As the beta version has been launched, we ask people from different communities and expertise groups to become a SELF Tester, share their experiences and test the Platform in order to provide the development team with enough time and space to readjust, refine and improve the Platform.

The SELF Team calls for as many participants to subscribe to the test list gaining access to the initial platform (which is already online). Subscribe through here! General comments relating to the definitions of the Platform are welcome as well.

Note: weekly gatherings are held on Mondays, 14:00 CET, in the Jabber Conference Room SELF (self[at]

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