SELF Platform Beta launched!

The Beta version of the SELF Platform is already available for testers and early adopters. You can check it right now at

Get Involved!

Contribute to the SELF project. See this list of examples of how you can get involved and/or subscribe to one of the mailing lists.


Material Creation

As a result of researching existing materials and an overview of which parties can be interested in the SELF materials, a first gap analysis of the desired educational materials has been performed. Several teams are set up to work on the following areas:

1. Generic gaps -- gaps in this category are transversal to the categories

  • Resources structured as learning materials
  • Migration to Free Software and Open Standards
  • Basic computer science for the general public

2. Specific gaps -- relative to a specific category or application

  • Basics of Free Software and Open Standards advocacy
  • Educational applications
  • Enterprise applications
  • Specific applications such as:
    • Evolution
    • - Base
    • GnomePlanner
    • and others.

These teams need help from the communities! If you feel you can and want to help, please read on. If you - or an organisation you know of - are looking for an educational material that fits in our scope, please let us know so one of the teams can work on that.

Get involved in the creation of Learning Materials

Your help is needed for coordination, authoring, translation, content testing, proofreading and many other tasks. It can be in any areas of your interest, and indeed SELF benefits most if you do something that you are good at and that helps you in your other activities. If you want to become a part of SELF from the very beginning, please follow this steps:

  1. Subscribe to the general LM mailing list and post a message presenting yourself. Tell us about yourself, a project you have in mind or your areas of interest.
  2. Review the active projects and see if there is already a team working on the kind of project you have in mind. Until the SELF Plataform is functional, LM Creation is hosted in ATutor.
  3. Join an existing team in ATutor or propose in the general LM-list about the creation of a new team, so that other participants can guide and possibly join your initiative. You'll have to register at ATutor to get started in the Learning Materials creation space. In the second part of 2007 we will migrate all materials and working space to the SELF Platform, while ATutor remains a valuable tool for creation and for electronic learning space.
  4. Communicate about the progress through the ATutor forum of your project, the SELF website (community-wiki), on the SELF mailinglists and with the help of the COM team through external channels.

General note regarding authoring: all activities on SELF follow the Founding Principles. In particular, authorship will be attributed to all relevant contributions.

SELF - Science Education and Learning in Freedom