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List of materials selected by the LMEG

The LMEG has examined hundreds of documents on Free Software and Open Standards with the aim of providing the SELF Platform with an initial content of high quality, up-to-date materials. For each of those documents the team has checked the following:

  • Quality: poorly written, incomplete or badly structured materials have been discarded, although some of them could be used as a starting point for derived materials in the future.
  • License: all materials in the SELF Platform must comply with the Legal Policy defined by the Legal Expert Group . More precisely, materials must be published under one of the licenses found acceptable by the LEG.
  • Validity: materials on such a rapidly changing field as Free Software and Open Standards must be up-to-date to be of any use. Some exceptions can of course be made for historical reasons.

What follows is a selection of materials that will be atomised and imported in the SELF Platform by the members of the SELF Consortium. Feel free to post a comment or discuss the list in the LM mailing list.

Title License
Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution GFDL and others
FLOSS Concept Booklet GFDL
Open Source & Free Software Licensing CC by nd
Free As In Freedom – Richard Stallman's Crusade For Free Software GFDL
OpenOffice.org2.x Getting Started Guide GFDL
OpenOffice.org2.x User Guide GFDL
OpenOffice.org2.x Migration Guide GFDL
OpenOffice.org2.x Write Guide GFDL
The KWord Handbook GFDL
The Gnumeric Manual GFDL
Gnumeric functions GFDL
The KSpread Handbook GFDL
Quickstart Guide for Impress GFDL
OpenOffice.org2.x Draw Guide GFDL
The Not So Short Introduction To LaTeX2e GPL
A Guide to Mozilla 1.0 Mozilla Public License
Mozilla 1.0 Frequently Asked Questions Mozilla Public License
Introduction to Linux A Hands on Guide GFDL
GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary GFDL
Bash Guide for Beginners GFDL
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide GFDL
Bash Guide for Beginners GFDL
Bourne Shell Scripting GFDL
Network Administration CC by sa
CUPS documentation centre GPL (doc. Software)
Desktop User Guide GFDL
GNOME 2.14 Desktop System Administration Guide GFDL
An Introduction to KDE GFDL
The KDE User Guide GFDL
KDE Frequently Asked Questions GFDL
KDE for System Administrators GFDL
GNU Emacs Manual GFDL
QCad User Reference Manual GFDL
Audacity Reference GFDL
Blender 3D: Noob to Pro GFDL
Blender User's Manual Open Content License
The Gimp Documentation GFDL
Grokking the GIMP OPL
Inkscape basic tutorial GPL (doc. Software)
Inkscape advanced tutorial GPL (doc. Software)
Inkscape shapes tutorial OPL
Inkscape calligraphy tutorial OPL
Inkscape elements of design tutorial OPL
Inkscape tips and tricks tutorial OPL

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